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Beta Test Program



Infusionist is looking for *eligible members of the healthcare community to join the Infusionist team. For testers who are selected, you will be expected to test the application and all of its features, provide feedback, and asked to provide suggestions for any improvements.


To make full use of Infusionist's features and understand the use of the app, we have limited the testing group to those who are regulated healthcare providers (i.e. RN, RPN, etc) or students currently enrolled in a regulated healthcare provider program (i.e. nursing student, paramedic students, medical students, etc) who have frequent patient interaction that would warrant the use of this application (i.e. acute care settings, rehabilitation, etc).

Must be 18 years of age.

Must be a Canadian resident.

The Process

Using Apple Inc.'s TestFlight application we will share Infusionist's early prototype to selected testers. In the testing environment, you will be able to use the application's user interface, try out new features, and provide feedback through easy in-app reporting (by shaking your phone). 

*Prior to this phase, our terms of use and release of liability documentation will be posted and testers will be required to review and sign.


For your assistance in making Infusionist the best it can possibly be, we will be providing our testers with gift cards to local restaurants & fast food chains, this is still to be determined and posted.

Note: Only those who meet the eligibility requirements, hardware & software requirements, and any other stated criteria will be contacted.

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