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Creating a task

How to create an infusion, reminder, or timer in Infusionist.

Creating a task: 

  1. Open the Infusionist application. If this is your first time launching the application you’ll be asked to navigate through the onboarding screens, and accept our End User License Agreement. 

  2.  To create a task: If you do not have any tasks yet, there will be a button at the base of your screen with the words ‘Add Task’ you can use this to add your first task. Alternatively, if you already have tasks, you can press the ‘+’ sign at the top right of your screen to add a task. 

  3. Next, a popup will appear asking you which sort of task you would like to create, these options are: Infusion, Reminder, Timer.

  4. Following the choice of a task to create, you will need to fill in the spaces provided to enable the ‘Start’ button. If it is not allowing you to press ‘Start’ you have not filled in all the required fields.

Note: Each task type is for a specific use, here are short definitions of each: 

  • Infusion: to create a timer that takes normal intravenous infusion parameters.

  • Reminder: to create a static task that will notify you when you need to perform it.

  • Timer: to create a task that will countdown until it is time to perform that task.

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