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An iOS & WatchOS app for nurses to efficiently track and manage infusions, care task reminders, and customizable timers. 

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Member of

Lakehead University's

Business Incubator

key features

A calculator

Calculate flow and drip rates using an intuitive user interface.

Enter the medication and additive name, the volume to be infused, the time over which you would like the fluids to run, and choose a patient to assign it to.

A manager

Never forget which room number the reminder is set for with the assign feature. When infusions are assigned to a patient (denoted by room number), you can see all infusions, reminders, and timers you have started or maintained during your shift for that patient.

Assign infusions and reminders to room numbers.


A reminder

Be notified when you need to be.

Receive push notifications on your iPhone and Apple Watch when infusions end, when a new bag is needed, and more! These notifications will be based on parameters you, the clinician, choose to customize to your practice preference.

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Maxwell Robinson

I’m a first year medical student at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where I also recently completed my BScN. From my experiences working as a Unit Care Aide within the local hospital and my clinical placements I saw various pain-points in the caregiving process that lead me to create this app. I began working on this project in my undergraduate degree, and continued to work on it while I worked as a Registered Nurse at the local regional hospital.

Witnessing the many tasks health care providers, specifically nurses have to carry out on time, across multiple patients, often near one another, inspired me to delve into time management utility software.

Through my hobbies in coding, graphic design, and photography I was able to piece together Infusionist. I have the overarching goal of helping nurses everywhere be more efficient and ease the stress of a large patient load through easy monitoring, calculation, and management of infusions.

- Max
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